Rice Genome Hub

The Rice Genome Hub is an integrative genome information system that allows centralized access to genomics and genetics data, and analytical tools to facilitate translational and applied research in rice. The hub is built using the Content Management System Drupal with the Tripal module that interacts with the Chado database. The Hub interface provides several functionalities (Blast, DotPlots, Gene Search, JBrowse, Primer Blaster, Primer Designer) to make it easy for querying, visualizing and downloading research data. We also plugged in-house tools developed by the South Green bioinformatics platform such as SNiPlay (detection and analyses of SNPs), Gigwa (filtering on genomic variations), daTALbase (exploration of data related to Xanthomonas TAL effectors), and DiffExDB (differential expression analysis).

Manuel Ruiz, Gaƫtan Droc
Data types: 
Gene, Genome Hub, Protein, SNP, Transcript