GreenPhylDB is a database designed for comparative and functional genomics based on complete genomes. Version 3 now contains 22 full genomes of members of the plantae kingdom, ranging from algae to angiosperms, automatically clustered into gene families. Gene families are manually annotated and then analyzed phylogenetically in order to elucidate orthologous and paralogous relationships. The database offers various lists of gene families including plant, phylum and species specific gene families. For each gene cluster or gene family, easy access to gene composition, protein domains, publications, external links and orthologous gene predictions is provided. Web interfaces have been further developed to improve the navigation through information related to gene families. New analysis tools are also available, such as a gene family ontology browser that facilitates exploration of the gene family calatologue.

GreenPhylDB is one of component of the South Green Bioinformatics Platform to enable comparative genomics in a broad taxonomy context to enhance the understanding of evolutionary processes and thus tends to speed up gene discovery.



This project was supported by the Generation Challenge Program (GCP) and the Agropolis foundation (ARCAD) and is currently supported by Syngenta and the CGIAR Research Program (CRP) on Roots, Tubers, and Bananas (RTB).


Data types: 
Gene, Gene families, Protein
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