PAG XXII: South Green goes to San Diego

From January 11-14 2014, several South Green members will attend the Plant and Animal Genome conference in San Diego and will present the following:




South Green members also contributed in:

  • Investigating Chromosomal Structural Variations in Musa acuminata using NGS Approaches - Guillaume Martin
  • Genetic Determinism of the Fatty Acid Composition of Palm Oil in Elaeis by Genetic Mapping and Differential Expression Analysis of Candidate Genes – Norbert Billote
  • Transposable Elements in the Robusta Coffee Genome (Coffea canephora) – Romain Guyot
  • Whole Genome Profiling to Generate a Core Physical Map of the Gene Rich Part of the Sugarcane Genome – Angélique D’Hont

Please come and see us!