metaXplor released (+ paper) !

is a scalable, distributable, fully web-interfaced application for managing, sharing, and exploring metagenomic data. Being based on a flexible NoSQL data model, it has few constraints regarding dataset contents and thus proves useful for handling outputs from both shotgun and metabarcoding techniques.

It allows for exhaustive content browsing, as well as rapid narrowing to find specific records, and features various interactive data visualization tools, ways to query contents by BLASTing external sequences, and an integrated pipeline to enrich assignments with phylogenetic placements.
It is available as a set of Docker containers, making it easy to deploy on academic servers, on the cloud, or even on personal computers. Try it online at
Guilhem Sempéré, Adrien Pétel, Magsen Abbé, Pierre Lefeuvre, Philippe Roumagnac, Frédéric Mahé, Gaël Baurens, Denis Filloux.
metaXplor: an interactive viral and microbial metagenomic data manager, GigaScience, Volume 10, Issue 2, February 2021, giab001,