GNPAnnot is a project on green genomics which intends to develop a community system of structural and functional annotation supported by comparative genomics and dedicated to plant, insect and fungus genomes allowing both automatic predictions and manual curations of genomic features. The GNPAnnot project (2008 – 2011) was funded by the Genoplante ANR (ANR-07-GPLA-004). It included nine partners: CIRAD-AGAP, INRA-URGI, INRA-BIOGER, INRA-BIO3P, INRA-BIVI, Bioversity, INRA-GDEC,INRA-SPO, INRIA-IRISA. The CAS are supported by three bioinformatics platforms (South Green, GenOuest, URGI). On the GNPAnnot web site you will find the publications, the CAS links, the contacts, the documentation, the developed tools and the final report of the project. You will also find documentation such as protocols for protein coding gene manual annotation on the Banana Genome Hub web site.


01/2008 - 12/2011
Stéphanie Bocs
Stéphanie Bocs