Gigwa version 2.4 is out!

This new version brings significant speed improvements and new visualization / interoperability features!

Changes in v2.4:

- Speed improvements in variant search, density chart calculation and (especially) export procedures
- Ability to export individuals' metadata (when available) along with genotyping data
- Made group discrimination feature available regardless of selected genotype patterns
- Integrated Flapjack-Bytes prototype for online visualization of datasets exported into Flapjack format
- Allowed feeding individual's metadata from multiple BrAPI (V1) sources at a time
- Implementation of BrAPI V2 calls covering pretty much the entire Gigwa data model 
- Migrated Swagger interface to Springfox3
- Showing host name for each existing database in the administration section
- Various bugfixes
- Upgraded several prime Java dependencies (Spring-data, MongoDB driver, htsjdk...) and third-party software for bundles (JRE v8u291, Tomcat v8.5.66, MongoDB v4.2.15)
NB: As of v2.4, in Docker images and bundles, default WiredTiger compression algorithm is zstd rather than zlib (configured in startGigwa.* scripts)
Changes in v2.4.1:
- Importing using as many threads as available cores (faster!)
- Now storing sequence length when provided in VCF (and this able to re-export it)
- Fixed a major bug (introduced in v2.4) making variant genotypes appear several times when exporting from multi-project databases
- Solved miscellaneous minor issues