Agriculture has to overcome several issues due to climatic change, diminution of cultivable surfaces for alimentary cultures, lost of biodiversity and increase of the mondial population. 
Varieties adapted to new environmental conditions and technical itineraries should be developed. For that genetic resources are essential.
The aim of the ARCAD FEDER projet is to build a center of international level for the conservation, analysis and value increase of the cultivated plant genetic resources.
It will fund the development of platforms and technical tools that will enhance the regional structure of conservation and analysis of the genetic resources for cultivated plants.
It is divided into five parts, each one concerning a field of the genetic resources :
- seed conservation 
- seed characterization and quality 
- cryoconservation
- genotyping, sequencing and creation of DNA bank
- information system
All the data obtained will be released through the information system. 
For now, there are biological resources centers (BRC) in different places which deal with passport and characterization data and the daily actions realized on their collections, using specific local systems more or less sophisticated that they have developed to manage their collections of genetic resources. 
A unique web portal will be created, that will address, by the mean of webservices, those specific local systems, to display the data available to the users. Also, users on the portal will be able to order seeds or any other kind of vegetal material used to disseminate a plant.
The South green platform is in charge of the portal development.
01/2013 - 06/2015
Duration (months): 
Christophe Jenny
Manuel Ruiz, Chantal Hamelin

  FEDER (Fond Européen de Développement Régional)