Chado Controller

One-line description: 
advanced annotation management module for CHADO databases

The Chado Controller is an advanced annotation managemen module for the GMOD CHADO database.

It is divided in 3 main components that are:

  • Annotation History: this sub-module keeps track of any modifications made on Chado database. Each transaction is recorded so it is possible to retrieve which user made which modification and when. It also adds to GBrowse the gbrowse_history script which displays the history of annotations.
  • Access Restriction: it enables feature-level access restriction for users and/or groups. The administration interface manages users, groups and per-contig access restrictions.
  • Annotation Inspector: this sub-module can automatically fill some data fields (for instance the "owner" featureprop) and checks annotations to  repport errors to the annotator.

The Chado Controller comes with all the ressources to be integrated with GBrowse (Generic Genome Browser), Artemis and Apollo and includes a web interface to manage annotator accounts.

So far, the Access Restriction module only protects the "feature" table.

Valentin Guignon

This project was supported by the ANR Genoplante and is currently maintained by core funding of Cirad and Bioversity.